Ground Level Interference Soundwalks

Four Coventry Soundwalks in Greyfriars Park, Spencer Park, Top Green Park & War Memorial Park available throughout 2021 & 2022.

Link to ECHOES app & 'Ground Level Interference' soundwalks.

The walks are inspired by walks around Coventry's urban landscape and wildlife and feature a range of poetry, spoken word pieces and compositions of mingled sounds. They can be listened to while walking alone. 

Each park has a separate soundwalk, so once you have finished one you can go back to the menu and choose another. 

The ECHOES app is free. Download or stream the soundwalks you want to experience then you can preview some parts of the walk before you get there. Streaming is recommended if you have a poorly phone battery.

ECHOES works like a GPS mapping app and will show you exactly where to go, where you are and what is playing. Sounds are triggered when you walk through them while the app is playing the soundwalk on your phone.


  1. Preview soundwalk content offline: Select to 'START' your walk, then select the top right menu and disable 'Autoplay' then you can play offline enabled sound files without being on the spot. Those that will not preview are only active when you are in the location. 
  2. Got lost looking for a soundwalk? Select 'LOCATE ME' and ECHOES will pinpoint your location via GPS and provide a handy pointer to the nearest sound bubble.
  3. Putting your phone in your pocket as you wander gives you a more immersive experience, particularly in Greyfriars Park where the sounds merge and are mixed as you wander around.

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