Welcome to the Library of Litter Exhibition 

Library of Litter was in part a physical exhibition that took place in the windows of Coventry ArtSpace Arcadia Gallery 26 January - 7th February 2021 to show some of the physical work Janet created during her graduate residency. The rest of the exhibition is still taking place in the form of a soundwalk within some of Coventry's popular parks, which is running until the end of 2022.
As the exhibition took place at the deepest point of lockdown three in the UK and during a snowy period in January it was unlikely many would be able come in to Coventry city centre to see her work in the windows, so Janet has tried to share the detail in her art digitally. 

Click for gallery view.

List of works

Oakmother / Gall Baby: Video. A collaboration with Tara Rutledge.
The audio for this piece that can be listened to outside the gallery can be found in the soundwalk Ground Level Interference 4 - Arcadia Gallery & Greyfriars Green.

Thing Blindness: Blind embossments on cartridge paper. Documentation of small objects Janet found on the pavements and paths en route to her residency studio at Eaton House in Coventry, Oct 2019 - Mar 2020.
Installed with: Other Creatures' Homes: Resin, galvanised steel wire & polymer clay. Cast from the interiors of knopper oak wasp galls.

Observation Station: Wood.
Installed with Litter Mushrooms: Resin, salvaged objects, Buddleia wood.

Polygalls: Salvaged polythene, lasercut oak veneer, thread, knopper oak wasp galls.

End Papers: Collograph. Prints from some of the items from of a collection of discarded objects found in Coventry.
Installed with: Other Creatures' Homes.

Litterjacks: Vinyl floor stickers with an augmented reality layer.

Views from inside the gallery.

Thing Blindness, Observation Station & End Papers.

Observation Station with Litter Mushrooms

Endpapers installed with Other Creatures' Homes

Thing Blindness

Thing Blindness installed with Other Creatures' Homes


Litterjacks (Augmented Reality enabled vinyl stickers)

Images © Janet Tryner unless otherwise stated.

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