Welcome to the Library of Litter Exhibition. Click for gallery view.

Library of Litter was in part a physical exhibition in the windows of Coventry ArtSpace Arcadia Gallery 26 January - 7th February 2021 during Covid lockdown. The other part of the exhibition is a soundwalk in Coventry.

List of works

Oakmother / Gall Baby: Video. A collaboration with Tara Rutledge.
The audio for this piece that can be listened to outside the gallery can be found in the soundwalk Ground Level Interference 4 - Arcadia Gallery & Greyfriars Green.

Thing Blindness: Blind embossments on cartridge paper. Documentation of small objects Janet found on the pavements and paths en route to her residency studio at Eaton House in Coventry, Oct 2019 - Mar 2020.
Installed with: Other Creatures' Homes: Resin, galvanised steel wire & polymer clay. Cast from the interiors of knopper oak wasp galls.

Observation Station: Wood.
Installed with Litter Mushrooms: Resin, salvaged objects, Buddleia wood.

Polygalls: Salvaged polythene, lasercut oak veneer, thread, knopper oak wasp galls.

End Papers: Collograph. Prints from some of the items from of a collection of discarded objects found in Coventry.
Installed with: Other Creatures' Homes.

Litterjacks: Vinyl floor stickers with an augmented reality layer.

Views from inside the gallery.

Thing Blindness, Observation Station & End Papers.

Observation Station with Litter Mushrooms

Endpapers installed with Other Creatures' Homes

Thing Blindness

Thing Blindness installed with Other Creatures' Homes


Litterjacks (Augmented Reality enabled vinyl stickers)

Images © Janet Tryner unless otherwise stated.

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