Monday, January 25, 2021

How to visit the Library of Litter

LIBRARY OF LITTER is designed to be used during a lockdown, in unreal space, disconnected and out of touch - rather like many human relationships with our ecosystem! 

You can visit the online exhibition - photos from the window exhibition at Coventry ArtSpace Arcadia Gallery  Jan/Feb 2021 and still experience the 'Ground Level Interference' Soundwalk LINK  in parks in Earlsdon, Coventry until mid 2022.  The augmented reality works can still be downloaded from this Litterjacks LINK .

Library of Litter was created and produced by Janet Tryner during her graduate art residency with Coventry Artspace 2019/20.

Library of Litter draws together a notion of a library as a body of always moving and changing parts that leave and return in a process of gathering and regathering and compares it with the activity of littering; as a scattering and regurgitating of matter which fundamental to ecosystems and to lifecycles. Considered as a contemporary human attitude to things when they become objects we no longer want this is a symptom of our broken relationship with our ecosystem.

Janet uses a range of techniques and media to try to uncover connections between land, ecosystems and human culture at ground level. She viewed her residency as an opportunity to test the methods she developed during her degree, and made a series of investigations into Coventry’s land in 2019 and early 2020 and then examined and documented her finds in her art.

Exhibition postcards were available at the gallery. There are still some left, so if you would like one please drop a request in the comments and one will be posted to you.

Janet's graduate residency Blogs.

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